Riverport Chorus was formed in 1982 after the Southport Chorus of Kenosha, Wisconsin merged with the Forked River Chorus of Burlington, Wisconsin. Since then, Riverport has won nine regional competitions, earning them the opportunity to compete at the international level in Houston, San Antonio, New Orleans, Salt Lake City, Atlanta, Portland, Phoenix, Detroit and Calgary, Alberta. Today, in addition to attending regional competitions, the chorus enjoys presenting our annual cabaret, producing our Diva Quest scholarship program for female high school performers, serenading Honor Flight veterans, and performing for smaller groups across southeast Wisconsin and northeast Illinois.

History of Sweet Adelines International
After World War II, barbershop singing was growing increasingly popular for men. In 1945, a small group of women wanted to participate in the chord-ringing, fun-filled harmony that the men were singing. So these women organized "Sweet Adelines in America." From its humble beginnings in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Sweet Adelines International, as it is now called, has grown to a membership of almost 30,000 women in countries all across the globe.

Women of Note
2024  Susan Musgrave
2023  Carol Hooper
2022  Mindi Billock
2021  Laurel Peterson
2017  Dona Grebe
2016  Julie Quesenberry
2015  Lois Brennan
2014  Greta Martin

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